Why should I present at a Conexio-PSE event?

Conexio-PSE conferences are among the most relevant conferences in the new energy world. Presenters get to enjoy visibility and potential impact on an inquisitive professional audience, which ranges from practitioners to the highest executive level.

Our conferences have a reputation for being ahead of their time, both in terms of content and methods. Take advantage of this opportunity to actively contribute to the dynamic discourse of today and tomorrow!

Your benefits

  • A wide variety of events and participants to choose the most appropriate framework for your topic
  • Our event formats, which are widely known and relevant, will help you spread your message and have an impact on the topics that are most important to you.
  • You will be included in the overall marketing for the event, such as social media

If you have a new topic suggestion that does not fit one of the Call for Papers, contact us: 

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